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Hi Sugar!


We might have a sweet 🦷 for you, but we’ll certainly not sugarcoat it.

The ugly truth is that our everyday habits are killing the world as we know it. 

Soon, polar bears will be a legend, plastic free surfing a myth

and clean air will be sold by the bottle.


It might sound as a terrible exaggeration at first, but things we used to

take for granted are already starting to perish and truth be told,

the young ones of today will be handed a tainted paradise. 


We told you, no sugarcoating. 

Although we don’t want to make you despair,

we wan’t to tell you why you are SO important.  


As a consumer you have an enormous power, and that is the power of choosing.

It should be a cool thing really, but somewhere along the ride the options

became so many that we could simply switch our brains off and go with it.

The winners of that war are the companies being able to

put their products in front of your nose. 

So how do we shake this laziness off? and WHY is it so important? 


When you spend your money, you are (consciously or not) supporting a company

to continue doing what they are doing. Being a conscious consumer means

making sure that you are aligned with what you’re supporting.  


This sounds like an easy enough thing to do, but in a world where money rules

through marketing, getting a clear picture of what is what, is not always easy.

THIS sugar, is why we are here.


We’ve created a Conscious Brand Directory filled only with products made by

companies that choose to care. Here, you can shop for fashion, skincare, makeup

or furnitures without risking to support the harvesting

of rainforests, child labour or toxic chemicals. 


Like the products in our directory, made with love




BmoreC might have one of the biggest Conscious Brand Directory’s out there,

however our biggest mission is to spread the message.


Help us, by making humans around you understand,

that every penny spent is a vote for tomorrow 🌏